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When it was first announced that Flying Lotus and LaKeith Stanfield were making an anime about a black samurai in feudal Japan, the hype was real. Two outspoken black artists, genre-bending in their respective artforms, were going to insert themselves into a traditionally Asian medium. The fact it was even…

Originally Published 12/17/2019

Cleveland-based Saucy Brew Works is set to open a new location in the Motor City.

Expected to open in spring in the Brush Park area, the brewpub will be part of Bedrock’s mixed-use City Modern space, according to The Detroit Free Press.

Started in 2017 by friends…

Originally Published 11/18/2019


“All day long, I watch people talk,” Teiji (Naoki Kobayashi) tells Lucy (Alicia Vikander) at their first meeting. “Saying all kinds of things without saying what they are really thinking.”

The contrast between what we say and what we’re thinking becomes a main theme throughout Earthquake Bird

Originally Published in Print Issue 10/21/19

Jessica Miglio / Sony Pictures

The last time we visited Zombieland was in 2009. At the time, the movie captured pop culture attention with a fresh take on a genre we’d seen a thousand times before. Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) represented the millions of us who have all thought about…

Originally Published 09/20/2019

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While many people associate the futuristic sounds of techno music with European clubs and drugged-out white dudes wearing all black, the sound of techno was pioneered right here in Detroit. …

Originally Published 09/03/2019

The Detroit Youth Choir is having a moment. After moving actor Terry Crews to tears and a Golden Buzzer during a performance on “America’s Got Talent,” advancing them to the quarterfinals, the DYC is carrying that momentum forward. Last week, the announcement hit that the youth choir…

The night of July 21st, my partner and I came home to a power outage. We went north to the upper peninsula, missing the massive wind storms that rocked southern Michigan the last two days. Unpacking by candles, we had no idea of the scale of homes left without power…

Ahead of the Democratic Debates, the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce has released a statewide survey of Michigan voters. 600 Michiganders took part to answer questions about what issues were grabbing their attention, and the current state of the country. …

With his ninth release, Quentin Tarantino pays homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood movie magic, both good and bad, and makes the least Tarantino film of his career.

Set, upon a time, in Hollywood, 1969, we watch icons, both real and imagined, struggle with the deciding moments of their…

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